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Hydrating the soil

How does hydration recover soil?

Water that soaks more easily into the soil, like water with structured or ordered molecules, reduces evaporation and allows the soil to retain moisture longer. At the same time, more contact with the soil allows water to dissolve contaminants. Dehydrated soil microorganisms are finally hydrated with water that has spin charge.

How does the water activation reclaim acres of farmland?

Activated, ordered or structured water accelerates the return of land to its natural, biologically efficient state through the simple but powerful element of water. Water that carries charge creates faster communication among all organic materials in the soils and renews and strengthens natural networks.

How long does the reclamation effect last?

Once hydration and communication are restored to a soil ecology, reclamation builds permanently over time.

Nutritious food

How does this project create more nutritious food?

Well hydrated soils carry natural nurturing and protective materials for plants, and they in turn produce more nutritious foods. For example, nutrients and micro nutrients are made available to plants when microbes and plants are better hydrated.

Carbon storage

How does this project create carbon storage and effect climate recovery?

Healthy, deep soil and plants need carbon to work well. Soil organisms and plants use carbon dioxide for respiration and glucose production that is stored to feed healthy microorganisms and plants.

Restoring Aquifers

How does this project restore Aquifers?

Well hydrated soils absorb and drip more water into the underground water table.


How does this project add to a healthy environment?

In Natures’ no-waste design, the hydrological cycle around the planet reconciles when water can be absorbed and adsorbed to be released from soils and plants instead of run off.

Love the earth

How does this project Love Mother Earth?

Earth and soils need replenishment after decades of adverse management. We aim to restore Natures’ established systems at the key boundary layer, topsoil.

Do it together

How does this project allow us to create change together?

People supporting farmers support food security and land stewardship. Buying hydrating devices for farmers is a direct action without the need of corporations or government agencies.

Why is this the single most potent action I can take to advance myself and the Earth?

Hydrate yourself using the many methods we teach through the Hydration Solution and make a donation to recover 3 acres. We can start the regeneration process ourselves we so urgently need.


Which farmers will receive the water activation equipment?

We partner with farmers who have expressed interest in improved water use efficiency and microbial hydration and may need assistance with the finances to do so. We also have widespread contacts for farmers through our farmers markets.

How can a farmer receive a donation of water activation equipment?

We are connected with multiple databases working with Farmers who have expressed interest in regenerative farming practices.

Can I nominate a farmer near where I live?

Yes, write to us with the farmer’s contact info.

Thank you! Gift

What is the Thank You! Gift Hydration Solution ten step program?

Hydration Solution Ten Step Program has 30 interviews with top doctors and scientists offering their tips for hydration along with Ten Steps to get you better hydrated without all that drinking.

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Where can I learn more?

Visit the Hydration Foundation page here!

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Where can I buy the same type of water activation products for my home, loved ones, plants, pets, lawns and garden?

Find out more here!

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